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Some call it a social experiment, our daily engagement with Twitter, blogs, chat boards, posting sites and indeed the internet – This new world accelerates faster than we sometimes care to value and indeed ‘values’ can be lost.
It’s on days like today where I find myself reviewing my comments, pressing the stop button long enough to think. I find it quite humbling and fortunate to be able to take guidance, support and feedback from individuals who take the time to offer it.
To be judge and jury or to offer council – I learn today that offering council wins. I also would like to offer my Humble apologies when we get it wrong, today I got it wrong.
Finding the right tone in ‘text’ is never easy, even harder when your have no relationship with your audience… today we start.
On April 1st 2012 we launched evvnt, a project that took me by surprise and has continued to challenge every inch of me since launch, a company defined by its people, each persons contribution no matter how large or small. The rich cultures, personalities and passion each person has contributed to the business every day over the last 15 months has made our place of work amazing, somewhere I love to go. We built a diverse team of people for sure, from many walks of life, nationalities and genders, we will continue to do so.
In May 2012 I had a beautiful baby girl, she teaches me ‘life’ every day and in September 2012 I got married to conclude what has been a busy year indeed. The world with which my daughter enters moves so fast we sometimes forget to consider the meaning and the value of the comments we make.
As the CEO and Founder of evvnt I stand by the morals and values which discourages negative or discriminatory activities.
We certainly like to create amusement but never offend, we are certainly respectful of gender, nationality and culture. If at any time you find yourself feeling upset, uncomfortable or indeed wishing to voice your opinion about our comments, emails, tweets or posts then please get in touch – we love to speak, it makes for a better world.

evvnt is an equal opportunity employer

This means:

  1. we are committed to ensuring that every employee is treated fairly: in day to day work, promotion and training.
  2. that every job applicant is given an equal chance when they are considered for jobs.
  3. evvnt will not accept discrimination in respect of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnerships, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation in its workplaces.

Meet our Team & our Alumni as they post below.

  1. Tell us about your experience at evvnt?
  2. What projects did you work on?
  3. What is/was your biggest contribution to evvnt
  4. What was the most memorable experience?
  5. Name one thing that developed you personally?

* If you worked here, then take your claim and tell us what you did.
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