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IQPC’s conference producers have day-in, day-out working contact with experts and your peers. Their conferences are based on firsthand, intimate knowledge of what’s going on in a specific subject, functional specialty or industry.

Further, they have working relationships (and media partnerships) with the Harvard Business Review, MIT’s Sloan Management Review, and dozens of other niche-based publications. These relationships help us identify cutting-edge solutions that have significant value to participants.

They believe creative imitation of best practices is a sure-fire recipe for success and organized improvements. That’s what benchmarking against the best is all about. If you’re looking for the latest and the best in fail-safe techniques, tools, technologies and processes, look no further. Their authoritative, powerful conferences arm you with step-by-step methodologies that help you do your job better, in less time, and with far greater impact.

They were looking for a simple solution to submit events with a time saving tool, a new audience reach and event marketing momentum that ‘pings’ activity into natural search – the solution is evvnt.

1Description of the event

9th Annual Information Governance & ediscovery Summit

on Wednesday March 26, 2014 at 8:00 am (ends Thursday March 27, 2014 at 5:00 pm)

Information :

“Gamification” is being thrown around a lot these days as a marketing buzzword – an ‘in the moment’ term with little longevity, as many cynics might point out.

Clearly these cynics haven’t seen statistics like these.

Pseudo-science or not, gamification – or the application of game-like theory, concepts or behaviours – to the real word can have extremely beneficial results. For example, in 2012 mobile app Foursquare had 20 million registered users, ‘checking in’ to real locations and earning points and badges in the process. This is a straight example of PBL – points, badges, leaderboards – but goes to show the take-up and engagement possible through game concepts.

What about an example most of us will be familiar with – McDonalds’ Monopoly game. Every year, hordes of people descend on the restaurant chain, probably to purchase more than they would normally, or with increased frequency, just to collect properties. Even people who wouldn’t normally go to the fast food chain may – and do – make exceptions during Monopoly season. And 2013’s was the 21st annual iteration – over two decades of famously successful gamification. So much for no longevity!

Whether your objective is increasing direct revenue, site visits or “stickiness”, product reviews, liking/sharing on social media, new customer acquisition or existing customer retention and loyalty, there is likely already a successful example of a gamified project in that area.

Enterprise Gamification Europe will equip you with the information you need to hit the ground running as soon as you get back in to the office, with a line-up of gamification experts and speakers and a whole section dedicated to examining case studies and analysing:
What was the real objective?
How did they implement it?
What was the ROI?
What lessons can we take away from it?

2Broadcast and Publish
We published to over 70 event sites and watched as the sites supplied live links – submitted sites go live within 24 hours to 7 working days.

3Share our expertise

We ensured was distributed across all relative platforms as well as locally, nationally, globally and socially with a total site reach of 48,5 M !

Targeted : 43

Global : 11

National: 9

Local: 12
Social: 4
Association: 1

4Use targeted sites

We wanted to reach the required number of participants to the event, that is why we made every effort to broadcast it on a wide network composed of 43 targeted, 11 global, 9 national, 12 local, 4 social and 1 association site.

The following images are examples of the event listed on targeted listing sites:

5Natural search results

Click on the logos below to view listing results:

Google Yahoo Bing Ask Aol

We can grow your audience reach and achieve better natural search. The publishers who we work with can expect to appear on the first page of Google.


To be as transparent as possible, evvnt always sends a detailed report to each client.

Broadcast results: Total number sites the event has been submitted to, depending on the category, location and the level of targeting required for the event.

Audience reach: See how many people can see the event including aggregated total unique users globally and estimated to the event. We also document sites that pass content on to mobile apps.

Detailed reporting: A click tracking report with a summary of the events performance is activated and supplied within the product segmented by url type and the site delivering traffic.

Key figures:

63% of live links

24 mobile apps

Active in all 5 major search engines.

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