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Twitter offers excellent opportunities to promote your twitter events to lots of different people. But, how can newbies to Twitter get started?

Recent event marketing research has shown that 60% of all Social Media communication takes place while events are actually going on, with the remaining 40% split evenly before and after the event.
In this blog post we’re going to reveal how to use Twitter at your next event:

Twitter at your next event

1. Make Twitter Part of the Main Event
Being active on Twitter during your event can help to increase engagement from the audience by bringing their voice into the conversation. You don’t have to be running a large scale event to make an impact, sometimes small events can encourage a greater sense of community.

Consider using a Twitterfall to display live tweets from people at the venue to show feedback about the music, entertainment or speakers at your event.
2. Don’t Forget Your #Hashtag
Set up a #hashtag for your event and start using it to promote the event across Twitter and encourage other attendees to use it to. This is a great way to help your event attendees connect with each other and can be a useful tool to estimate your guest list too.
3. Share Material with Vast Numbers of People
Twitter can be used to share information, documents, pictures & videos of events while they’re happening – even people who aren’t attending can find out what’s going on. Without the email addresses or phone numbers of the people who are there, it’s usually the only way that organisers can stay in touch with event attendees.
4. Learn From Your Mistakes
Make sure that you listen to feedback from your Twitter followers and ask what they most enjoyed about your event. This means that you can makes changes for next time and help your event become a huge success.
5. Follow Up
You should try to connect with every user who RTed or shared information about your event on Twitter. It’s usually a good idea to start talking directly to your ‘power users’ (journalists, celebrities or just active social media users) to encourage them to spread the word about your event too. Events are a great way to start new relationships online that are based on a common interests.

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