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In a bold move to blend traditional broadcast radio with cutting-edge event technology, Southern Stone Communications, a respected name in the broadcast radio industry, has announced a strategic partnership with Evvnt. This collaboration is poised to revolutionize how events are marketed and engaged across both digital and broadcast mediums.

Recent research from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism highlights the growing importance of events as a key revenue stream for publishers in 2024, a trend that aligns with Southern Stone Communications’ newly announced partnership with Evvnt to revolutionize event marketing and engagement.

Gregory Pretko, COO of Southern Stone Communications, expressed his excitement about the new partnership with Evvnt. “This collaboration is a pivotal advancement in merging traditional broadcast radio with the evolving sphere of event technology,” he said. “By combining Evvnt’s cutting-edge event discovery and ticketing solutions with our extensive broadcasting network, we are creating unmatched promotional avenues for event organizers while simultaneously enriching our listeners’ experiences. I am thrilled to team up with Evvnt, where delivering revenue-enhancing technology to radio partners nationwide is just the start of the journey.”

Paul Stone, President and Founder of Southern Stone Communications, highlighted the strategic vision, “By partnering with Evvnt, we’re investing in the future of how events are promoted and experienced. This move aligns with our mission to innovate within the broadcast industry and to offer our audience and advertising partners unique and effective ways to connect with events. We’re excited about the potential this partnership holds for creating synergies between radio and digital event promotion.”

Evvnt, renowned for its sophisticated platform that streamlines event marketing and ticketing and has sold 4 million tickets in the States alone, sees this collaboration as a milestone in its mission to expand its reach and capabilities. This partnership bolsters Evvnt’s recent collaboration with vTickets who are focused on introducing ticketing to the radio industry. 

Richard Green, CEO and Founder of Evvnt, remarked, “The partnership with Southern Stone Communications represents a significant turning point for Evvnt. With radio boasting an impressive weekly reach of approximately 82 percent among adults in the United States, their strong presence in the broadcast radio sector offers immense potential for unlocking new promotional avenues and synergies. This collaboration not only accelerates our growth trajectory but also enhances our offerings for event organizers and attendees, ushering in an era of unprecedented engagement and connectivity.”

The strategic partnership with Southern Stone Communications is to catalyze the growth of Evvnt, enabling the development of innovative features and the exploration of new market opportunities. Together, these companies aim to set new standards for innovation in the integration of broadcast radio and event technology, offering unprecedented promotional tools to event organizers. 

Both Evvnt and Southern Stone Communications will be attending the NAB show this week. Please email us to set up an in-person meeting. 

About Southern Stone Communications

Southern Stone Communications is a leading broadcast radio company, committed to delivering high-quality content across its stations. With a legacy of connecting communities and promoting local businesses, Southern Stone Communications continues to explore innovative ways to engage with audiences and advertisers alike. Find out more about Southern Stone Communications.

About Evvnt 

Evvnt is at the forefront of event technology solutions, dedicated to enhancing the way events are marketed, ticketed and experienced. Through its comprehensive suite of tools, Evvnt empowers every event stakeholder. Whether you’re looking to launch your own events business, organizing an event or looking for the perfect one to attend, we’re your ultimate partner in achieving event success. Find out more about Evvnt

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