The Definitive Guide on How To Market an Event – 100 Event Marketing Tips

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  1. The Event Page (Or Website) Description – The very first job is to create a destination page where all marketing activities point to, imagine it – every single click lands here, it has to be amazing, get this right and conversions to attendance will be stronger. 2.      Title 3.      Description 4.   […]

Case Study – Timati at VIP Room Dubai

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DXB SOCIETY welcomed the Russian superstar TIMATI, who blew audiences away at the VIP Room, Dubai on the 8th of March with his biggest hits. Tuesday nights at the VIP Room are known for their glamour, fun and elegance as they bring together the worlds of the PR, media and fashion industries and represent the […]

Case Study – The Surf's Up at Q43 Dubai

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The Surf’s Up at Q43 Dubai was an event which offered you the best of both worlds, serving their trademark Succulent Tenderloin Steak along with Grilled Giant Tiger Prawns with a side of Fries, House Salad & homemade Béarnaise Sauce.  Solutions Leisure were looking for a simple solution to submit events with a time saving tool, […]

A Guide To Using Eventbrite Ticketing

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Eventbrite is the world’s largest self-service ticketing platform. Eventbrite ticketing is completely free and easy to use, offering a wide variety of live experiences and making it possible for you to share, find and attend any event that might interest you. Organisers can also use Eventbrite’s services to plan, promote and sell tickets to events of […]

How to use a Customer Relationship Management System

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A Customer Bank (CRM system) allows you to track your customer interactions in one place and gives you insights into your demographic audience. CRM (customer relationship management) is the key to helping you to manage a complex world of data and information. CRM can capture detailed information about your customers and their behaviors and enable targeted marketing, […]

Movie tickets and popcorn

How to use ticketing

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Adding ticketing to your events promotion is an uncomplicated advantage enabling you to manage your ticket sales efficiently as an event manager. An online ticket option is a great benefit to event attendees, allowing them to purchase tickets with a range of options for payment. How to use ticketing… Firstly in order to use ticketing […]