Through Pharma IQ, you will be able to access pharmaceutical information resources such as presentations and podcasts, as well as events such as webinars, seminars and conferences. Add an event listing to Pharma IQ – Submit an event TODAY News & Resources for Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Healthcare, Medical & Life Science. Exclusive Content from Pfizer, GSK, AstraZeneca, […]

Hotel management network is a website for news, views and contacts from the global Hotel industry. Add an event listing to  Hotel management network – Submit an event TODAY It is a high quality informative website which offers its readers everything they need to know about their locality. The focus is very on trend, featuring for news, […]

EURO MARITIME is an european SHIPPING DIRECTORY reporting MARITIME SUPPLIERS, MARINE SERVICES and MARINE PRODUCTS of about 12.000 companies in more than 700 categories – and presenting sorted PROFILES of shipping related companies to cover the main aspects of the european shipping. Add an event listing to Euro Maritime – Submit an event TODAY EURO-MARITIME became […]

Add an event listing to BILLING & OSS WORLD – Submit an event TODAY   Billing & OSS World (B/OSS) is a leading provider of news and information distribution as well as editorial analysis for communications service providers’ software sector. As CSPs strive to streamline their businesses and make them more competitive through the application of […]

Downstream is the magazine for and about suppliers and distributors of petroleum and oil-based products throughout the UK and Ireland. Published by the industry organisation, the FPS Limited, it is circulated to named individuals within all FPS members companies, key partners and paying subscribers. It is a high quality informative website which offers its readers everything […]

Destination Talent is a resource portal for recruitment in Australia. Our aim is two fold. Firstly, we want to make it easy for buyers and sellers of recruitment products and services to find each other. Secondly, we want to contribute to the improvement of recruitment processes and thinking in Australia, mainly through quality research. It is a […]