The guide to Flyerbug events listing site

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Flyerbug events, Flyerbug.co.uk, is a new site committed to making it quick and easy for people to find out what’s on and where. Often we make plans to go out and sometimes we just head out on the spur of the moment! However, the next day we always find out about something we’d love to gone […]

The guide to Amdram events listing site

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Amdram.co.uk is not part of an large company, it is not run by a “team of experts”, it is run by one person, Jane, in her spare time and helped by Keith, a friend with technical expertise. The site’s primary intention is to promote amateur theatre – it is not run as a profit making […]

The guide to 5gig events listing site

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5gig.com wants to help you to find out about the latest concerts, the best sessions and the festivals you can’t miss. Another of its aims is to support small and big artists spreading the popularity of events through comments, votes and new social promotion techniques on the Internet. Apart from all this, 5gig.com has a database with over 400.000 […]

The guide to All Gigs events listing site

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All Gigs was formed in 2001 with the intention of listing events – ticketed or otherwise – taking place across the UK and Ireland. We bring you the latest tours, festivals, shows, comedy, dance, clubbing, opera and other theatre events, as well as news and competitions. We don’t sell tickets directly, instead we direct you to […]