Definitive Guide To Event Marketing

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How to boost your marketing strategy and start creating your best campaigns yet

Definitive Guide To Event Marketing

Tactics to enhance your marketing strategy and make you stand out from the crowd.

Writing a case study for your event

How to Write Case Studies About Your Events Like a Professional Writer

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Although they are understated and often underused as a business resource, case studies can serve as an excellent marketing tool for your company to engage both existing and potential customers.The challenge is crafting a well-written case study that people actively want to read. #1 Tell a good story Above all else, only write case studies […]

Pitching for events

Pitching For Events: 5 Tactics To Enhance Your Next Pitch

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Each day, the event industry becomes more competitive – in fact we are drowning in event companies, so an essential attribute of an event organiser is the ability to SELL your idea over others. Here, then, are five simple tactics to enhance your next pitch and give your ideas the best chance to win you […]

Expert Interview with Maneesh Goyal from MKG

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A lot of people may dream of giving up the day job, ripping off the tie and do something that doesn’t really feel like work for a living but few actually get past the point of discussing it at the pub. 10 years ago, Maneesh Goyal (now CEO and Founder of MKG) originally worked in […]

Event and Wedding Planning Twitter Accounts

54 Must-Follow Event & Wedding Planning Twitter Accounts for 2014

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Staying connected is easier than ever thanks to the explosion in popularity of social networking sites like Twitter. The micro-blogging phenomenon is a great way to follow the comings and goings of the movers and shakers in your industry, and event and wedding planning is unsurprisingly well served. After all, have you ever met an […]

How to Choose the Right Tool for the Right Job: Integrated Communications and Audience Targeting

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In the same way that handing out business press kits at a PTA meeting isn’t a great idea, so too is the idea of handing out cutesy fliers at an exclusive symposium may get your escorted out of the building. When it comes to promoting yourself and your business, it’s rather vital that you use […]

Are Autoresponders a Smart Event Marketing Strategy?

Definitive Guide To Event Marketing

Autoresponders are an extremely effective marketing tool. For the event industry in particular, they can completely change the way that you manage your business. Whether you are hoping to pique interest leading up to an event, disseminate information or FAQs about your event planning or management services, or follow up with attendees, setting up an […]

A Simple Event Marketing Tactic that Works

Definitive Guide To Event Marketing

Social media plays an important role throughout the event planning lifecycle, from early event promotion to event follow up. Having a social media presence is a great way to advertise upcoming events, take a multi-faceted approach to customer service by answering questions about your event, and track what people have to say about your event […]

Do You Need Printed Programmes for Your Events?

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Planners seem confused on whether they need to provide programmes to their guests at events. Too often, expensive or time-consuming programmes are untouched while nearby, guests at another event are feeling like sheep needing to be corralled. Should you go to the trouble of providing event programmes? Ask yourself these questions to decide. Is your […]

5 Creative Ways to Market Local Events Online

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Just because you are holding your event offline doesn’t mean you can’t market it online! An online campaign can supplement your standard local event promotional tactics – which usually range from reaching out to local media to mobilizing a network of local brand advocates. There are a number of great ways that you can utilize […]

5 Ways To Promote Charity Events Online

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If you have a charity event coming up, it’s vital that as many people as possible know when it’s happening to make sure it will be a success. Whether you’re raising money for a charity with a sporting event, an auction or community fair, there are lots of quick and free online tools to help […]

To include or not to include? Christmas Party Packages

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As clients start to look at Christmas venues for the Christmas shindig, do you go down the route of offering a rock bottom price with just the basics in or do you advertise your price higher than your competitors but show that is has all of the whistles and bells on it? Let’s be honest […]