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Exhibition World is the leading online platform for international exhibition organisers, venues and service suppliers across the globe. Exhibition World is updated with the latest news stories from around the world on a daily basis. It is designed to connect venues, suppliers and organisers to the news and views of the global exhibition industry every day, wherever you are located. As well as being a portal for international exhibition industry news, the website acts as a platform for debate and ideas. We welcome your opinions and look forward to your participation in our forums. Please make your voice heard; send us your stories and give us your feedback.

Exhibition World is part of the broad specialist business and consumer events publishing portfolio of London-based Mash Media, enabling it to retain a clear niche while at the same time offering synergy with the publisher’s other related business titles. We are also proud to bring you the Exhibition World magazine. It tackles the big issues affecting the exhibition industry, featuring regular interviews with key global industry decision-makers, insight into the challenges and hot topics facing the industry, as well as regional and sector-based reports.

Exhibition World is a vital tool and information source for companies and organisations active in the global exhibition marketplace, enabling them to perform better in both their own country and abroad. Exhibition World is produced in partnership with UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry.

Request a Demo Promote an Event Partners


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