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A leading comedy club chain and franchise network, see how we developed Jongleurs online strategy to include event data extraction, event listings and social engagement. See how we scheduled time sensitive events to gain 6 months worth of online hyper local awareness.

“evvnt has widened our reach, organised our press distribution and put money on our bottom line”
John Davy, MD Jongleurs Comedy

Data Collection

Jongleurs aligned their internal systems to create a CSV export of data to ensure we could access events data easily which motivated the Jongleurs team to invest in better data quality.

We noticed the level of information and data quality immediately improve.

Broadcast and publish

We submitted Jongleurs events to over 40+ event sites and watched as the sites supplied live links – submitted sites go live within 24 hours to 7 working days and in some cases never supply a live link, this is all based on the site’s infrastructure.

Social and current technology sites offer more robust technology solutions which allowed us to push Jongleurs events live the same day… Through facebook connect and API’s… it happens in 3 to 5 seconds.

Share our expertise in the field

We worked with Jongleurs and introduced new best of bread industry tools to deliver calculated insights to ensure we built the events listings to work effectively in natural search. We are constantly receiving feedback from our publishers on how they want events content so we pass this on to our clients to optimise results.

Use targeted sites

We specifically wanted to ensure we reached not only Comedy event consumers via the larger sites but we wanted to get to those little hyper local comedy websites that had heart and soul.

Better natural search

As we started to publish Jongleurs comedy events over 40+ listing sites we started to see the results as the listings appearing natural search and on mobile apps

60 events x 40 sites = 2400unique event listings

Grow your audience reach

Social engagement and interaction became an important part of the post publishing as we started to look at how to engage with consumers though ‘likes’ and ‘shares’

and then ‘tweets’ and ‘retweets’

then lastly through visuals and pinning.

Detailed reporting

Each event is supplied with an event report that overviews how the promotion is working with clear insights in to how well the event is indexing in all major search engines.

Which can include Google Analytics, click tracking and tickets.

  1. Bulk event submission via excel / CSV
  2. 60 events per month activated across up to 50+ sites.
  3. 40% live links.
  4. 60% event site submissions (Editorial Controls / manual internal processes).
  5. 70% listings activated across the network.
  6. Google – 100% coverage of the home page based on keywords (Jongleurs Piccadilly)
  7. Active on all 5 major search engines


“Since engaging evvnt to handle our full event marketing programme for our 4 Jongleurs Comedy Clubs , we have seen a huge increase not only in ticket sales, but a dramatic improvement in search engine rankings and general web presence. In addition to using evvnt for our Comedy Nights we use them to promote all events in our Bar and Nightclub operations and have seen a similar rise in bookings and web presence. Having used a similar company in the past, evvnt has provided a far superior service in terms of support, training and advice.

I can wholeheartedly recommend them to other operators in the entertainment and late night licensed sector.”
David Elphick, Sales and Marketing Director, Momo Leisure Ltd

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