Request a Demo Promote an Event Partners is your   preferred website for many reasons.

  • It is your most comprehensive, efficient guide to the most relevant, recent global events.
  • It tells you what to expect from an event.
  • It links you to the event’s website, thus letting you know how you may participate in it (e.g. speaker, presentor, exhibitor)
  • It features who are going to the same event that you’re interested in, and who are speaking in that event. This gives you the opportunity to establish a network with people in the same profession and business.
  • It allows you to express how you want the next event to be, or how you can learn more from it.
  • It invites you to share an event you know or an event you’re organizing and helps you promote it.

Location: National
Mobile App: No
Unique Users: 25,000 per month
Local Users: 250 per month
Sectors: Conferences

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