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evvnt is an Authorised Publisher to Bvents.

Bvents is the largest and most updated business events in the world. It covers events from more than 200 countries, in more than 150 verticals. You’ll find all the needed information – including event details, exhibitors list, agenda, venue details, organizer details. It also allows you to register to our BventsInfo service – which allows you to get updates on new events, future events – you’ll be the first to know where the event is, when the event is, when is the early bird sales begin and more.

Event Organizers can register to our Business Event Management – and get control on their profiles, update their event details and also communicate with potential customers. The company is self funded, and currently starts searching for funding to expend it’s global sales team.

Some of the information found in includes:
– 50,000 Events
– 20,000 Venues
– Over 150,000 exhibitors listed in these events
– Over 50,000 event organizers, PCOs and event planners
– Over 4,000 events in North America
– On average, 5,000 companies and 750 new speakers are added each month

Location: All
Coverage: Global
Mobile App: No
Unique Users: 90,000 per month
Local Uniques: 900 per month
Conferences,  Trade Shows, Exhibitions

Email: [email protected]

Request a Demo Promote an Event Partners