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Luminar Entertainment – part of the Luminar Group came to evvnt to create awareness of a mobile app launch event across 52 Luminar venues. We had two weeks to create online, mobile and social buzz for all 52 events, generate great coverage for the UKCN mobile app launch as well as delivering local and national engagement across multi platforms and devices/.

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We submitted all 52 events for UKCN App Launch Party to an extensive list of targeted nightlife, global, national, local and social sites. For each of the 52 events we targeted local area sites to pull in more ticket sales and general scope. Within 72 hours we had fully broadcast and marketed each event to over 30 sites, with London events reaching up to 42 event sites. We worked together with the Head of Marketing and Central Opperations at Luminar Group editing Luminar Entertainment’s events to create a perfect event listing submission for all 52 events. This way we were able to share our knowledge as to how to market event information in the best possible way. A comprehensive report was produced in under 72 hours and sent over to our client.

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  1. 61% live links for UKCN App Launch Party at Cav
  2. 70% coverage on Google
  3. Listing on 23 mobile apps
  4. Active in all 5 major search engines
  5. 52% average for live links across all 52 UKCN App Launch Party events

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