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On Tuesday the evvnt team flew the coop to explore the huge industry of travel & tourism and to examine how evvnt can play a bigger role in better and more efficient event marketing for the sector. Our destination? The ExCeL centre, for the World Travel Market 2012.
World Travel Market 2012 | WTM | event marketing
As we arrived at the ExCeL the contrast could not have been more apparent; quickly trading the cold, English, November morning we hurried inside, presented with the sights and sounds of practically every nation on the planet. The morning was spent searching the globe for potential event advertisers that wanted their online events marketing and publishing done with little hassle. Whether it was a hotel in Dubai running conferences that needed an online marketing plan or the tourist board of Japan looking to increase their events online presence, we were determined to find and help them all.
The distractions from our task were rife; from massages, wine and cocktails to ex-footballers and F1 cars, we were more than happy to oblige. But enough about freebies, we were here to work. Or something.

World Travel Market 2012 | WTM | event marketing

Pastor Maldonado’s F1 Car

What had descended into little more than shopping for a holiday was saved by lunch and a team brainstorm into who our best travel events customers might be. Hotel chains were clearly a strong focus for us, with every major worldwide group represented, along with the tourist boards of most countries, particularly those with a high traffic of business and corporate events. The day proved a good experience for the whole team to flex their sales pitches and get used to explain what makes evvnt such a superior event marketing service! We rounded up business cards, names, emails, and some more freebies with the hopes of sending out one of our media packs to show them what we really do.
By the end of the day the team were weary, but proud in our achievement of being one step closer to evvnt’s global domination! With our back pockets overflowing with business cards we left for home, assured in the knowledge that the people we’d met would soon have the ultimate service for their event marketing online.
All in a day’s work for the team!
World Travel Market 2012 | WTM | event marketing

The evvnt Team

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