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You decide to run a public facing event, it’s important and the pressure’s on as ‘success’ is key. The clock is ticking and you know that failure is not an option. You don’t have a famous rock star attending or performing at your event so you need to market the event but how… the problem.

Listing the event on the right site is important; creating awareness within the right interest groups and creating a buzz is key to the success of the event. With limited time the average event promoter does 5 things:

  1. Adds the event to Facebook (15 xminutes)
  2. Adds the event to up to 5 listing sites which vary dependent on type of event (75 minutes)
  3. Share’s with their current customer base (Online shares, email and word of mouth)
  4. Tweets, shares, likes, tweets some more and shares again, tweet?
  5. Introduces the event to sub promoters, team members, friends who do the above all over again.

An event promoter will spend on average 4 to 8 hours per event in the initial phase of event promotion trying to create awareness for the event, and will continue to force feed the same channels to drive ineffective awareness.
The Solution… submit your event to 50+ event sites that have an event consumer base already actively looking for events by genre and location. Tap in to these established sites  and effectively aggregate through search engine optimisation to appear in Google, and the other major search engines, within hours / days.

Submit once – appear everywhere – create momentum – achieve relevancy

The Results… A wave effect is created, your event goes on to 50+ sites and instantly the web has a message that is reinforced and repeated to your consumers in all corners of the web. The event has also linked itself to a location, established directory listing or data point (the venue) which has been indexed and relevant online for months or years.
It’s the venue location that propels the new events content in to organic search as suddenly, like a review or new blog post linked to an establish piece of content, the site has ‘news’.
Momentum is created instantly, relevancy is achieved through each targeted listing site and hyper-relevancy is created the moment the consumer searches for an event by type and location eg – Jongleurs Piccadilly. Google does what is does best and delivers back results time and time again from over 50+ credible sources.
The power of a ‘content distribution’ model is clear to see, large volumes of information moves freely over the web, reaching consumers via desktop, tablet and mobile while they are on their way in to the office, at work, at home and indeed whilst at the event.
The consumer can now find your event with ease, in the channels they are used to using, thus increasing the chances of them liking, sharing, tweeting and re-tweeting.

Your event is given life; a voice, a shout, a scream, a repeated whisper that can be as loud or as subtle as the text you craft in your event description. Your event goes to site after site informing each user of it’s existence, drip feeding in to organic search within minutes and starting to tell a story that delivers coverage of your event like never before.
The consumer does the rest. Clicking to ‘share’, to ‘tweet’, to ‘like’, to ‘comment’, creating ripples through each event listing site to our friends, families and social networks like never before. Your event moves from listing sites to search and filters in to social streams creating buzz, hype, and interest… Each event listing working as an extension of your marketing activities, promoting your event out to personal and business networks for them to read, engage, join, and of course, attend.
Click Reporting – attnd.itWe understand that reporting that shows real value to your business no matter how small helps to build confidence in our service. Customers wanted to see click tracking reporting so we built it. is our own in house click tracking reporting service that tracks click activity from the event listing sites back to your personal web urls whether that be Facebook, inquiries page or booking link, we track it all.
We also break down by site click volume, so you can see which sites are delivering traffic – take a look.

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