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As our world continues to get more complex, more connected and ever more globalized we are under pressure to adapt and change, to learn and be inspired, and constantly build our personal network.

The conference is the perfect solution: a social space like no other, created for knowledge-based interaction, human enterprise and sheer excitement.

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Reach a worldwide audience of millions

Conferize is an independent platform for conferences and professional events. It connects organizers with millions of relevant delegates across the globe; before, during and after your event. Get smarter about building your audience, connecting people in valuable ways, leveraging your great content and measure your true impact.

Get smarter with conferize

With Conferize, you can sell your tickets to the right crowd, faster, enable social networking and matchmaking, engage onsite and online attendees, aggregate all the content in one place, leverage social media marketing, build your community of conference followers and attendees, re-engage your crowd at next event…

Extend your conference lifecycle
Conference life cycle
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