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Offset Warehouse is a social enterprise and the first UK online retailer to bring together all the elements needed to create ethical clothing and interiors. They came to evvnt for help with creating an online strategy to market their events. With their events coming under our learning category we were tasked with improving our learning targeted broadcast to increase their company presence online and establish their events to generate more consumers. We committed to researching the learning sector and strengthening our broadcast to maintain our promise of greater audience scope.

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Our strategic plan was to add more sites to our targeted learning list so we worked closely with the Director of ONiT! PR to perfect our marketing strategy. We carefully selected 6 sites specifically related to learning or specicialising in broadcasting learning events and added them to our targeted sector to introduce regional publication. Following that, we focused our attention on selecting London sites, as the event was due to take place in Putney, South London. We further intensified our audience reach by adding national and global sites and completed our strategy with social media sites Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. With 37 sites in our proposed broadcast we were able to achieve great success in promoting the event ‘Key Skills For Informed Design with Offset Warehouse’.

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  1. 56% live links.
  2. 60% coverage on Google
  3. Listing on 21 mobile apps
  4. Active in all 5 major search engines
  5. Unique site reach of 59.4 million for this event

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