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ONiT! PR is a niche, multi-disciplinary agency dedicated to raising the profile of Performance Art, in London and the UK. We were tasked with developing a strategy to market their events across the web to induce more ticket sales and event awareness. Having worked with ONiT! PR on numerous nightlife events, they came to us to promote a comedy event hosted by Broadway theatre in Catford, London. With our wide range of local, national and global event sites and our ability to target comedy and theatre specific sites we were certain our broadcast would drive sales and achieve a wider audience reach.

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We worked closely with the Director of ONiT! PR to perfect our marketing strategy. So with the event taking place in Catford, we began by concentrating our broadcast on London local sites to generate regional exposure. We then reached our broadcast out to national and global sites. Focusing our attention on ensuring the event was spread across our targeted comedy and theatre sites, and finally broadcasting to social media sites Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest completed our plan. With 6 sites targeted to comedy were able to produce great results for the event ‘Love…Sex…Sensuality’.

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  1. 53% live links.
  2. 60% coverage on Google
  3. Listing on 19 mobile apps
  4. Active in all 5 major search engines
  5. Unique site reach of 44.3 million for this event

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