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IQPC International Armoured Vehicles worldwide (SSONetwork) provides business executives around the world with tailored practical conferences, large scale events, topical seminars and in-house training programs. With more than 1,500 events worldwide for respective industries, we took on the task of widening our conference broadcast site list and targeting not just conference sites, but sites specifically related to the type of industry each event was associated with. Increasing our site broadcast was certain to dramatically improve the audience reach for each of their events we publicised.

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With our main marketing strategy focusing on expanding our broadcast for conference and adding select category specific sites connected to each event subject, we began our extensive research project. Growing our targeted broadcast sector up to 58 sites ensured the event ‘International Armoured Vehicles 2013’ was distributed across all relative platforms as well as locally, nationally, globally and socially.

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  1. 50% live links.
  2. 80% coverage on Google
  3. Listing on 29 mobile apps
  4. Active in all 5 major search engines
  5. Unique site reach of 225.4 million for this event
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