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Logo 2The UK’s leading nightlife brand Liquid Nightclub chose evvnt to improve their event coverage online. Combining state-of-the-art lighting, sound and laser technology and stunning 360-degree graphics & visuals, Liquid Nightclubs provide an unbeatable party by truly redefining the clubbing experience.

Liquid’s contemporary and award-winning design, housing the country’s top DJs on some of the best PAs means that clubbers return time and time again for the total nightlife experience. Liquid built the club experience, we were tasked with getting them maximum local online exposure for their events…

1Description of the event

Fuzzy Logic – All American Hero, on Thursday February 28, 2013  Fuzzy Logic  6057_1  nightclub_232110k

Each and every Thursday, Fuzzy Logic organizes an event around a freshest music, biggest tunes, best entertainment, mental student games, give-aways, 3 rooms of music, games area and loads more. Fuzzy Logic – All American Hero, we pull out the stars and stripes, along with everything American as we dedicate the night to the Royal Holloway American Football and Cheerleading Team.

2Broadcast and Publish

We broadcast and published Liquid Nightclub events onto 40 event listing sites based on category and location, more than half are available online, with a live link.

Broadcast and publish

3Share our expertise

We submitted the event to an extensive list of targeted nightlife, global, national, local and social sites. We targeted local area sites to drive online purchases pre club night. Within 72 hours we had fully broadcast and published the event to over 40 sites. A comprehensive report was produced in under 72 hours and sent over to the client.

4Use targeted sites

We wanted to reach a large audience and made every effort to broadcast and publish it onto a wide network composed of 12 targeted sites, 12 global sites, 13 national and local sites and 4 social sites.

Targeted sites

Global sites National sites The following images are examples of the nightlife listed on relevant listing sites:

5Natural search results

Click on the logos below to view listing results:

Google good Yahoo good Bing goodAsk good  Aol good

We can grow your audience reach and achieve better natural search. The publishers who we work with can expect to appear on the first page of Google, when searching for the event. Fuzzy Logic – All American Hero reached 60% coverage on the first page and continued to deliver coverage on pages two, three, four and five. Google results

6 Grow your audience reach

Social engagement and interaction became an important part of the post publishing as we started to look at how to engage with consumers though ‘likes’,  shares’, ‘tweets’, ‘retweets’ then lastly through visuals and pinning.


To be as transparent as possible, evvnt always sends a detailed report to each client.

Broadcast results: Total number sites the event has been submitted to, depending on the category, location and the level of targeting required for the event.


Audience reach: See how many people can see the event including aggregated total unique users. We also document sites that pass content on to mobile apps.


Detailed reportingA click tracking report with a summary of the events performance is activated and supplied within the product segmented by url type and the site delivering traffic. 55

Key figures:

59% of live links

60% coverage on Google’s first page

Listing on 23 mobile apps

24 direct clicks to date

Active in all 5 major search engines

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