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Events get integrated – Brave New World –

The events industry has elevated digital media to an indispensible part of their overall marketing-mix by seamlessly integrating social sharing opportunities and these are now integral with their live event experiences.
With many business events taking exciting new directions and we are likely to see some revolutionary advancements offered by digital technology in the conference & events space.
What is fascinating are the ways in which companies are now operating from the inside to encourage social interactivity, social promotion to and from the public and then channeling this back to form an intelligent two-way relationship with their public.
One of the key enablers of this kind of two-way relationship for dynamic digital marketing, are new entrants like who facilitate visability and enhanced profile for the customer via specialised web-based broadcasting technology.
This technology has been used seeding organic search engine listings along with partnership media awareness and accurately calibrating a pinpoint marketing spend to an uber-qualified audience. Delivered through popular social media tools like ‘Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest,’ all of which can captivate, catalyse and energize a global audience as never before.
Examples of this interactivity are those companies who are exhibiting at events and will often entice the public to Tweet via dedicated ‘hashtags’ and encourage participation by offering incentives such as free products or giveaways in exchange for promotional social media exposure.
Thus giving the delegate or customer an enhanced sense of participation, enthusiasm and engagement with the live display.
This trend for companies to actively integrate social media into their exhibits and adapting to the myriad opportunities social media provides has now really started to go mainstream.
With show organizers are taking advantage of mainstream social-networks, where event attendees search for connections and make appointments with people they’d like to meet at the event. Thus taking a lot of the randomness out of networking, and allowing attendees use their time more effectively.
This is a huge boon for exhibitors wanting to interact with attendees in advance, and to follow up with them later, in a dynamic, virtual environment.
Technology is therefore increasingly integral to the digital marketing strategy of exhibitors. With events pivoting around human interaction and becoming celebrated and shared.
In short digital is making events faster, cheaper, better.
So do please share and post, what new digital developments are you seeing as part of the business event marketing mix?

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