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Online marketing has long ‘crossed the chasm’ with a profusion of digital marketing agencies now offering a myriad of sophisticated online services.

The growth in digital data has been absolutely exponential, according to Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt “Every two days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003”.
This is something like five exabytes of data. This mind-boggling fact is worth repeating: we create as much information in two days now as we did from the dawn of man through 2003!
The avalanche of data production is overwhelming marketeers who are struggling to figure out how to use this fire-hydrant of information intelligently.
To analyze, interpret and translate this data into meaningful insight and actions. And thereby harnessing multi-channel reporting and gauging the efficacy of their channel-mix to calibrate each channels’ incremental contribution and helping them further refine their segmentation and targeting.
Agencies are diving deeper into tech given that code is the universal lingua franca of the Internet and the foundation of the digital world.
Ipso facto agencies and marketers will be incresingly expected to understand ‘the back end’ of their clients businesses. And as the level of intricacy and complexity to deliver on brand engagement and revenue growth across multiple channels increasing knowing what an API is for example and moreover how to integrate and build an interface to create seamless simplicity and actionable intelligence and feedback reports will become increasingly ‘mission critical’ to marketeers.
And a priori 2013 will see a significant up-tick in the number of agencies in this space and developing this expertise and consequently the amount of collaboration between agency and marketing technologies will show strong growth.

Concomitant with this is the emergence of content marketing at the core of every marketing initiative in both the B2C and B2B realms.
As 2013 moves forward we will see SASS for content creation and syndication starting to evolve and develop as companies try hard to leverage content to ameliorate demand generation.
Most saliently from area of expertise, there will be a much stronger connection between offline and online events.
The binary distinction between the digital world and the physical world will increasingly melt away.
Cross-channel event campaigns will still utilise all the traditional toolkit of direct mail, tradeshows, city-tours and networking events, yet companies will increasingly seek and have a necessity to tie offline events with their online engagements, and to want to actively quantify and measure the impact of cross-channel marketing campaigns.
So enhancing relevance to your customer in every context will not only improve your events awareness and interactivity but also ultimately of course lead to more customers and a greater digital and real world resonance.
Customers no longer have simply offline or simply online experiences; they have integrated brand experiences.

Request a Demo Promote an Event Partners


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