Top 5 Tips to Writing the Perfect Event Listing
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Writing an event listing can be a tricky art to master. First, there’s the event publishers, each of them wanting a slightly different version of your information from the last. Then you’ve got to fit their moving boundaries around the event details you feel are vital to include. Finally, you then need the knowledge about where and when to post your listing in order to get the maximum effect from your work.

What we’re left with is a much more intelligent method of marketing than old-school flyering, but one that can be a little complex if not managed properly. We decided to share our knowledge and take you through our best 5 tips for creating listings that are going to engage your readers and, ultimately, get more people through the doors.

1. Quality over quantity
The rule that takes precedent over all others is the above, quality over quantity. By this we don’t mean write a super-condensed bulletin – “NEXT MONDAY 10PM STEVE WEEKS THE NEST £5 DONT MISS OUT” will probably generate as much interest as Blue’s 2013 comeback tour. Detail is good, but if you want as much attention as Angela Merkel’s voicemail, find the balance between quantity and quality and make sure your listing is a reasonable length – we suggest about 350 words.

2. Don’t forget the Basics
It may go without saying but make sure you don’t overlook the basics. Along with the who’s, what’s, where’s, when’s and why’s, give your audience the flavour of the evening. What makes you special? What are people going to miss from not coming? What other key information is there?

3. The image
We can never stress enough how important the image is.  On an event site the image is often the first impression a potential attendee will get and whether your flyer, logo or a snap of last month’s event – having a good image is crucial to your event standing out from the crowd.

4. The title
Along with the image, the event title needs to be compelling. “Comedy London” won’t distinguish your brand on a listing site or help much in SEO, but “Backyard Comedy Club London, December 4th with special guest MC Allanson” will do a great deal better.

5. Professionalism
Cehck ur spellling. It’s amazing how many events we see come through with typos. Whether you’re a nightclub, conference organiser or anything inbetween, professionalism is the difference between looking like Johnny Depp or Johnny Vegas. Particularly when using a tool like evvnt, your listing content is going to 90 sites and 400k+ people – typo’s can be a real deal breaker!

DON’T SHOUT AT YOUR AUDIENCE. Using all capitals online is so 1999 and will annoy your audience and your publishing sites. It’s been found that using all capitals is actually less legible than lowercase, so this technique will get you nowhere. If your content is good you don’t need to worry.

That’s it!
Following these 5 rules should put you on the right path to creating a successful event listing. Your listings are often the first contact point with your audience so getting your company message and tone correct is crucial at this stage. Our volatile online events space takes no prisoners, you’ve quite simply got to make the best impression from the start.

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