Top 6 Business Benefits of Event Management Apps
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As an event management company you need to plan, organize and execute every event perfectly to bring about satisfaction for its participants and the people who are going to attend it. The task of having to manage several events at the same time can be daunting but it can be made simpler by making use of an efficient event management application. Using an event management applications will help in planning and tracking the innumerable activities that have to be carried as part of an event and likewise for multiple events, which can happen in the same week or month. Here is a look at the top six business benefits of using event management application to carry out event related activities:

1. Save Time In Communication – Using the application you can easily collaborate with all people who are part of the event. This saves time and money in communication because everyone can communicate with you through just an email or sms at any time, which can be viewed through the application’s dashboard. Chats can happen in real time and they are threaded for easy referencing. You can use it to carry out video conferencing with participants and also employees who are involved in organizing the event.

2. Efficiently Manage Multiple Events
When you have to manage multiple events, you just have to click on a particular event to find out its participants and send vital messages to them. The application assists you in finding the status of any event in just minutes. You can input updates for an event as and when required and communicate about it to concerned employees. After an event is over all post event activities can be laid down here to be followed up by designated employees.

2. Develop Event Page And Track Sales
The application enables you to develop an attractive page for your event and go live with it. People interested in attending the event can sign up in this page and pay for tickets. The page can be used to effectively market your event to its audience. You can go paperless on tickets with such a system which saves money. A mobile version of your event page can be used to give attendees the benefit of buying tickets‘ while on the go.

4. Gets You Organized
The application forms a single platform where you can store details about different events that you are organizing. You can use it to make a schedule for every event, add a list of activities to be carried out for it, write down details about speakers, performers, sponsors, event location, location map etc. At a glance you will be able to find out any information you require at any time about any event thus avoiding confusion and errors caused by mismanagement of event activities.

5. Learn About Profits
The application gives you an overview of budget for any event which enables you to track spending. It gives you details about sponsors at a glance through which you can develop a plan to get more revenue from them. It can be integrated with ticket sale application to retrieve information on ticket sales. This enables you to find out exactly how many tickets were sold for an event, if it was popular or not. You can learn how to cut down costs in the next similar event. You can use this information to know what kind of events are preferred by crowds belonging to a particular age or interest and use it to cater accordingly to audience needs and requirements.

6. Completely Customizable
You can have as many modules as you want in the application, depending on your event management needs and the kind of event that you organize such as charity, rock concerts, celebrity events etc. The application offers features through which you can customize the dashboard, event projects and groups according to your preferences.

Using a good event management application will enhances productivity, eliminates errors and assists you in getting status update on any of your events at any time. It neatly systematizes all your event activities thus saving time and cost in event management.

This is a guest post by Monik Makadiya. Monik is associated with iVvy, a prominent, cloud-based event management program that enables event managers to automate most tasks, improve accuracy & accessibility and organize better events with lesser effort. To know more about Ivvy and for discussing ideas related to event management, get in touch with Monik on Twitter at @painstakingMM.

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