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Event technology: “evvnt”, a UK based software company, promises to relieve the harried event professional from the burden of publishing event listings one at a time. They’ve got the apps and websites lined up already – you just tell them a little bit about your event and your customer.

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Fridge pitch: “Your event in front of millions of targeted customers in less than 10 minutes.” You submit your event and they “put it everywhere.” And they don’t leave you hangin – within 24 hours (and again in 72) “evvnt” provides a report allowing you track the results of your event submission and measure ROI. Just try spelling “event” correctly ever again.

What does it do: ”evvnt” has created a network of over 90 event listing apps and sites. Based on the scale, location, and target audience for the event, they will customize your experience by publishing your listing to the right channels, whether locally or nationally.

Who is it for: The saavy event organizer looking to avoid the time-suck of individually submitting event listings to an insufficient number of apps and sites. “evvnt” will do it for you, and they’ll get it to more folks, faster.

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Request a Demo Promote an Event Partners