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In the event management industry, intense competition has raised the bar for organizers. For online registration Customers need and demand the best of services – mediocrity is just not acceptable. You ought to put your best foot forward and ensure that you follow the industry best practices.

At the same time, it is also crucial for you to manage the event with the least resource allocation – you ought to be able to lower costs and still deliver the best service and customer experience. Smart and tech savvy event managers go for online event registration software as it helps them gain quite a few competitive of advantages. Let’s see how such technology helps event managers improve the process of organizing and managing events.

1. Ensure Better Customer Experience

With online registration software, a customer can look forward to register for the event, while sitting in the comfort of his office or home. He or she doesn’t have to stand in long queues for carrying out the registration. This also saves the customer’s time, as there is no need to travel to the nearest center for registering his participation.

Most registration software also allows a person to place requests for accommodation and travel and other services, which enables organizers to effectively manage customer expectations and needs. All the crucial information regarding the event is also available at the click of a button on the web page. A high-end ticketing software will also let customers to choose from a host of payment options. In addition, attendees get instant confirmation of registration.

2. Save Cost and Time

It is important to make certain that your provide customer satisfaction at the minimum cost. Since the registration process is single-handedly managed by the software, there is almost no human intervention required to manage the registration process.

Thus, event managers can easily avoid deploying precious and costly resources for managing ticketing or registration. The process becomes much more efficient and speedy. Event managers need not bother about printing registration forms and confirmation tickets, as all that is managed online through e-mails.

3. Deploy the Industry Best Practice

By adopting event registration software you can save yourself the hassle of reinventing the wheel. Most event registration software solutions are developed over several years with participation from thousands of event planners. So, as the software follows industry best practices organizers can look forward to better attendance and reduction in operational costs.

When using the software, you simply do not have to bother about creating procedures and systems for managing registration process. Online registration software incorporates the most current practices in event management industry. So, you have a chance to impress your potential customers with your professionalism. There are customization options as well, which will help you design the forms exactly in line with your requirements.

Solution providers consistently upgrade their software so that it remains most relevant to the current needs of the industry. Even newer event organizations can sharpen and streamline their work-flow by using event management software of different kinds.

4. Improve Revenues

Not only does an event registration software help the organizer provide customers the added convenience of online registration, but also enables the participants to tailor their experience.

Use an event software, the manager can set up various registration options – offering something that its fits the bill for a large variety of customers. Online registration software allows you the flexibility to price your services to suit to the budget of different types of customers. You may choose to sell various other value added services along with registrations, which will not only help you improve the earning potential per customer, but also enhance customer experience.

With a custom designed e-mail campaign you can hope to reach out to a much larger customer base. Besides, there are also inbuilt social media promotion tools which can also help you promote your event more effectively. A quality event ticketing & registration software will definitely have all these features.

5. Improve Decision Making

Online registration software can help gather vital information needed for making important decisions regarding event planning. Important data points that can be made available to you at the click of a button include:

  1. Real time information on number of participants – you can have this information sorted according to various parameters like profession, designation, age and location.
  2. Know your event ROI at any instance.
  3. Access historic data on your events and compare them across events.
  4. Track cancellations, pending payments, and even know attendance of your program.
  5. Search information on a particular registrant with a click of a button.

6. Go Green

Not all event organizers would appreciate this, but an event registration software helps you save reams of paper, which would otherwise go to waste. You avoid printing papers for registration forms, confirmation receipts and other client communication.

By choosing an event registration software to automate tasks, you are making a great contribution to keeping your environment green. Also, the cost of creating and maintaining paper documents is high: you save money by digitizing your processes.

Summing up

Online registration is an efficient way to raise the level of your event. You can look forward to a hassle-free coordination process and make decisions much quicker when you are using a proper solution. So, not only do you save money, but you also make life easier for your customers and your employees, when you automate the ticketing and registration tasks.

This is a guest post by Monik Makadiya. He works with iVvy, an innovative online event registration software provider. Ivvy offers a suite of event management software solutions and has helped event managers worldwide to streamlines process, improve efficiency, boost participation in events. To know more, connect with Monik on Twitter at @painstakingMM.

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