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Looking to dabble in the world of events? By making use of the tools available to you today, you’ll be amazed at the professional experience you can offer to your customers without any cost to yourself. Make sure you’re clued up on these basic ingredients for success.

Sell tickets online/e-tickets – Online ticketing isn’t just for the big boys or experienced event professionals, in fact quite the opposite. Don’t limit yourself to taking payment on the door or providing printed tickets when it costs you nothing to offer your buyers an online method for getting their tickets. It’s better for you, it’s better for them and it only takes a few minutes. Don’t have a website yet? That’s no excuse…

Sell on Facebook – You probably have a Facebook page already. In a couple of clicks, you can turn that page into a money-maker by publishing a ticketshop in one of its tabs. Your audience is most likely already there, so why not take the ticketshop to them?

Brand your ticketshop – Whether it’s on your website or your Facebook page, you can stay on-brand throughout the ticket-buying process buy customising the look and feel of your ticketshop. Hot pink with lemon yellow trim? As you please.

Customise and monetise your ticket – Take branding even further and get your logo/event image on the e-ticket. Or get very smart and monetise the valuable space by offering it out to sponsors.

Build a customer database – Don’t squander all the hard work you do to get people to your events. You should be building up an email database of all people who’ve bought tickets to your events over time – and you should own it exclusively so that you can use it for future events. Be careful who does your ticketing – many companies will keep your data and use it to market themselves and, worse, your competitors’ events.

This is a guest post by Dominick Soar from ticketscript. Leaders in the business of digital, mobile and social ticketing, ticketscript offer some pointers for running a successful event in today’s tech-driven world. ticketscript is Europe’s leading free self-service ticketing solution, providing the simplest way to sell tickets across digital, mobile and social platforms. Over 70,000 events have used ticketscript, selling over 11m tickets so far. See how they can help you sell more by visiting their site; and check out their blog and follow them @ticketscript for all things ticketing.

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