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Events are breaking free from the shackles of age-old organization styles. Technology, entertainment and crowd engagement are invading the space of event organization, and the top 10 trends of 2014 reflect the same. The coming year is going to be a phenomenal one for event managers, hosts and those who love to visit events. Here go the 10 trends we are expecting to witness in the trade in a big way through the year 2014.

  1. 3-D Experiences – Not all events have to have the same formal vibe about them. Theme based events that are as enjoyable as they are informative and profitable are replacing the traditional style of hosting events. Be it a launch of a breakthrough electronic device or a new restaurant in town, organizing immersive events is going to be the big event trend of 2014. Lighting, sounds, performances, food and décor together contribute to giving the attendees a memorable experience, and the trend is going to be big in the year ahead.
  2. The Use of Radio Frequency Identification Devices at Events – RFID offers a technological edge towards making events run more smoothly. These devices are effective in automating the cumbersome check-in process by eliminating the need for manual checks. It can also enable cashless payments, which are shown to increase the amount of money attendees spend during the event by about 10 to 30 per cent.
  3. Using Mobile Apps as the Primary Event Guide – Schedules, contents, lectures, the names of the speakers and other necessary information will get incredibly easy to send out to each of the attendees through mobile apps. These apps can also include some pre-event preparation material and a list of goals the host intends to accomplish through the event. Apps and dynamic content have nearly eliminated the need for booklets and other printed paraphernalia that used to be required for formal events in the past.
  4. Multi-event Apps Will Replace Dedicated Apps for Every Single Event – Up until now, most guiding apps for events used to be solely dedicated to the respective event alone and served no function post the event. Now, a smarter way to bring your event on the mobile phone is becoming popular: the use of a single app platform that can cater to multiple events at once. This way, organizers save a lot of time, effort and money on building new apps from scratch for every single event. Companies have taken to developing multi event management applications, some of which include, Guidebook,, and among others.
  5. Crowdsourcing: An Attempt Towards Making Attendees Active Participants in the Event –Crowdsourcing means soliciting content, ideas, services and views from a large community of people relevant to the event. This way, the host company is not just able to better integrate their audience with the event, but is also able to get a high quality of information base to aid the convention. Conducting polls before, during and after the event is also a great example of crowdsourcing. It provides substantial insights into what the consumers and stakeholders are seeking from a company.
  6. Using the Latest Projection Technology of Video Mapping – Projection mapping creates an incredible ambience at minimal costs in a conference room. Using this fantastic event technology, you can convert any surface like a ceiling or wall into a projecting screen, and the results are stupendous. The image produced out of projecting completely masks the surface it is projected on, thereby also serving an aesthetic purpose. With all its appreciable effects, it is all set to replace regular 2-D projectors!
  7. The Use of Networking Platforms before and after the Event – It can be through an app or website dedicated to the event, or through other social networking platforms, giving attendees an opportunity to form meaningful networks through your event has become crucial. You can create a platform for all prospective attendees to join and get information about their fellow participants. The same networking platform remains active after the event gets over to allow people to stay in touch with their newly formed networks; besides, it can also work as a forum to keep discussions flowing.
  8. Making the Event a Pleasant Experience for All – People do not want events to be like another solemn working day. They want it to be rejuvenating and fun, besides being useful to their profession. Event organizers have recognized the need to incorporate an element of pleasantness even in the most formal events, and are therefore taking creative steps in the direction. You can ensure that your attendees have a good time by choosing a nice destination, serving scrumptious food, incorporating some outdoor activities during the event, and multiple other ways to entertain.
  9. Social Media Presence – You simply cannot deny the importance of social media when it comes to engaging a community of people. By promoting your event and encouraging people to get active on your social media pages, you do yourself a great favor. Make sure that you keep the pages updated before the event, and post meaningful conclusive content after the event.
  10. Videos will Take Center Stage for All Promotional Activity around the Event – Videos have a massive reach, and in the meeting trends of 2014, they take center stage of promotional activity. Make a series of videos that have a combination of useful information and event promotion and stream them on a few popular channels besides your own website and event app. Let people know about your event, its goals and its advantages to those who participate through smartly built videos.

 Events of 2014 are expected to be loaded with excitement, latest technology and a deeper than ever connection with the audience. The best events are no longer going to be the semi-dark halls with scores of yawning listeners, but going to be more vibrant and enticing.

This is a guest post by Monik Makadiya. Monik is associated with iVvy, a leading software event management company that is revolutionizing the way events are managed. Ivvy offers a suite of software for event managers that simplifies and automates most of the tasks associated with managing events. Connect with Monik on Twitter at @painstakingMM.
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