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5 ways to jumpstart your event

So you have to plan a meeting, and don’t know where to start? Fear no more, here are 5 quick ways to jumpstart your event and get things moving on the right track.


  1. Get your purpose – Why are you having this event? In order for you to move forward, you need purpose. If you don’t have a purpose, then you are missing a crucial fundamental element in planning your event. Knowing this element will help you move forward in all steps of planning your event.
  2. Define and track your budget goals – Once you reflect and find your purpose, the next quick step to jumpstarting your event is to determine your budget goals. You will find that tracking your budget is one of the smartest things that you do to help successfully manage your meeting. Not only will you be more aware as to the intricate financial details, you are in a position to speak confidently in all matters related to revenue.
  3. Find a venue – Selecting a venue shouldn’t be taking lightly. Sometimes the venue selection is the one thing that attendees talk about after coming back from an event. Take the time to select a venue carefully, keeping in mind the purpose, and your budget. Don’t be afraid to try non-hotel, unique venues, even if it is for a day meeting. Use your resources, online venue searches, and word of mouth to make sure that the venue your select is within your expectations.
  4. Make great plans – For some events, the proof is in the planning. Go out on a limb and make great plans that make your attendees talk. Whether you have a big budget or a small one, there are many ways to incorporate color, add elements of surprise, and give a tasteful impression. Make great choices when it comes to your plans, and watch how far it will take you.
  5. Promote Your Event – Now it is time to promote! Depending on the type of event you are planning, promoting it can take various forms. The best way to determine the optimal route of promoting your event would be to take a look at your target audience. Find out who you are targeting, and the best way to reach them. There are many tools to help you accomplish your task. You can choose to use traditional tools like email, snail mail, and phone calls; or you can take advantage of social media benefits. Tools like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ shouldn’t be ignored. There are many other social media tools, yet I encourage you to get out there, and try some on for size. Don’t take social media for granted, I’ve seen it do wonderful things!
  6. Get Feedback – Give everyone a place to praise or put down your meeting. Regardless, even if someone is hating on your program, provide them a with the space to make those comments. Getting feedback is a great way to gain insight for the next event, or to correct a problem that was occurring in the present event.

This is a guest post by Naomi Tucker. Naomi blogs at Plant It On A Post-it were “scattered thoughts create seamless plans”. Plan it on a Post-it is a blog that provides unique insights for meeting/event professionals. With over 18 years in the industry, Naomi brings an experienced voice the meeting/event industry. Naomi Tucker, CMP currently for a third party meeting & incentive organization. In her many roles she has personally managed thousands of meetings of all shapes and sizes. A proven leader, Naomi has also led the MPI Wisconsin Chapter in a successful year as Chapter President in 2012-2013. Follow @PlanItOnAPostIt  

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