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The unstoppable rise of Social Media over the last few years was predicted by many within the industry to spell the end for email marketing. However, this has proven completely untrue with many businesses using the two in conjunction to great result.

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Sans titre 11The availability of free analytical data off social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and the recent change in email marketing pricing towards plans that charge an amount governed by the number of subscribers in a database, rather than on an emails sent basis, has allowed marketers to deliver email campaigns they know are targeted at individuals on a more regular basis at little to no increase in cost.

Here are 3 key ways that Marketers can integrate social media with email marketing to achieve fantastic results.

1.Collect Your Contacts Email Addresses

A pre-requisite of anyone signing up to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter is that they have an email address. By running campaigns, competitions, polls and quizzes on social media, marketers can begin to develop a more detailed picture of their customer’s individual preferences. This data can then be used to construct email campaigns more targeted at different demographics.

2.Include Social Links

Including links to social media microsites at the top and bottom of every email campaign helps raise awareness amongst consumers and direct them towards these more instructive and interactive arenas. The social media presence of a brand should be focused towards the development of Facebook fan pages and such like as according to a recent European Social Media and Email Marketing study, these have proven to be around 10% more likeable to and interesting to consumers than regular online advertising.

3. Keep It Balanced

Whilst social media may be a more informative, involving dialogue between brands and consumers, people are not yet trained to regularly check social media to receive updates from brands, as they do for personal means. Comparatively 73% of people can be regularly reached through social media whilst the daily figure for email is 95%. To achieve the best ROI from these activities a careful balance must be struck between sending too many email campaigns, yet just enough to encourage visitors and promote any new developments on a brands social media presence.
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