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Whether you are a meeting planner on the client or agency side, there is usually one thing we neglect to do onsite…EAT!

Yes, of course we have breaks in our schedules, but we think of these breaks for the attendees or our suppliers.

We treat this time as a means to catch up on emails, check if of the rooms are set properly, update run-sheets, double check registration lists, and do a million other things that our Type-A personalities insist we do.

BUT the one thing we tend to neglect to do is EAT! I admit we do get a chance to eat once in a while, and this is typically the point that we are starving and end up over eating and indulge in of the carbs on the table.

This is the one time that you are working around the clock and of course we need to take care of the set up, our attendees, our speakers, etc. but we cannot forget about ourselves! If you start taking care of yourself onsite you will have more energy to be that Rockstar that executed an amazing event without a hitch and will have more energy after your event.

This being said, I want to share with you from my experience some tips to eating onsite:

In the morning

Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day. Even if you have a handful of raw nuts (unsalted) or a whole fruit (Apples, Bananas, etc) this will give you more energy to take on the day. You will usually be able to find nuts and whole fruits in the gift shops in most hotels. Drink at least one glass of water before you leave your room in the morning is a great habit to get into. Among a ton of health benefits drinking water right when you wake up will assist in cleansing your colon so you can absorb more nutrients during the day.

On the Run – Don’t make the excuse that you do not have time to eat during the day anymore. Bring granola bar’s onsite with you and keep one in your bag throughout the day for emergencies.

If you do happen to run by the buffet grab a peanut butter package and a spoon… I know it seems weird but to having that extra protein & sugar boost will give you that extra energy you will need to get through the day in one piece.

Hydrating – When going onsite bring a plastic or metal water bottle with you to refill throughout the day. If you have a clip on the water bottle it will be harder to lose and forget it onsite.

Spruce up you water:

Adding lemon or limes assists in retaining water in your body and keeps you hydrated longer. Lemons will also give you an extra boost of energy.

Cucumbers have fiber and potassium that helps to lower your blood pressure and is a refreshing drink in the afternoon instead of that second cup of coffee.

Late night meals – We always have those nights onsite where we don’t have time for dinner and need to eat something before bed.   Throw a couple of meal replacement powders into your crash kit for these moments and you will find you will actually use them! Try to stay away from protein bars as they have a large amount of sugar that you wont be able to work off while you are sleeping. We usually get very little sleep while we are onsite. It is better for our digestive system to digest a light smoothie than a solid food. You will feel 10 times better in the morning when you wake up!

Next time you are onsite try at least one of these tips out and see if it works for you!

This is a guest post by Rachel Folk. Rachel is born to plan and deliver events with passion, Rachel began interning at Blackbox at a very young age as a means to augment her studies in Special Events Planning. She has trained with the best on critical events for major organisations. Blackbox Communications deals with events programming to marketing communications campaigns, video to design, Blackbox provides the process and production necessary to envision and create the conversations and experiences necessary to incite the communitythat energizes your brand. 

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