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Weddings these days can be anything but traditional. And that’s OK! Whether you choose the traditional route for your wedding, church, reception site, DJ’s, garter tossing, etc. or a non-traditional route, either is perfect. Whichever you choose, should reflect who you are as a couple.   Having a nontraditional wedding is all about shying away from old practices — the ones that don’t mean something to you anyway — or giving anticipated traditions a new twist tailoring it with your style.

I’m focusing on the non-traditional in this blog, in case you couldn’t tell. With non-traditional weddings it’s not just the invitations, ceremony and reception, that can be a reflection of who you are, but the centerpieces, cakes, and your attire for the day as well. Make a sweet, unforgettable announcement and have your wedding invite molded on chocolate! There are businesses that accept orders for tailored chocolate candy gifts using your message. It’s something all your guests will remember for sure. I suggest printing your wedding details on the personalized wrapper as well so that your guests won’t forget to attend your wedding after they’ve consumed the invitation! Not a fan of wearing a big, full all-white gown? Contemplate dressing in a handmade wedding dress in different lengths, layers, and hues, or choose a gown with a unique color with surprising details and pops of color.

Bridesmaids should chose their own dress

These days, a bridal party isn’t completely required but if you really must have your gal pals, let them choose their own dresses. There are some really pretty party dresses, retro dresses, and other styles to choose from. There’s no need to coordinate either, just give them color samples and let them have fun choosing what to wear.

 Family or friends can manage the ceremony

Thinking of a couple that may like the outdoors, pulling in a camping weekend is coming to mind. If you’ve seen the directional signs at some weddings, pointing guests to the bar, the dance floor, the dessert table. I’m putting a woodsy theme to those signs by directing guests to the campfire, beach, showers and maybe even a tire swing. Enlist a friend or family member to get a one day license to officiate your ceremony.

Organize an intimate dinner party

Having an intimate dinner party for just a few of your closest friends and family members, either at home or a cozy restaurant is perfectly acceptable. Perhaps you can have a guitarist play some soft music just before and during dinner to add to the simplicity of your day.

Make your wedding echo

It’s all about making your celebration echo the real you so whether you’re into nature, rock and roll, roller rink, caves, mountains, skiing, or nerdy stuff, go right ahead and design your wedding around the theme and make it truly yours.

 This is a guest post by Pam. Popular Parties by Pam  is an event planning business specializing in stylish weddings and special occasions. She has been planning events since 1990. Pam started in the event planning business after years of planning parties and events for herself, family and friends.

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