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There is a wealth of knowledge available on how to generate buzz in the run-up to your event; after all, that’s when you need to create excitement. However, there isn’t an equivalent amount of information on how event organisers can effectively utilise PR (whether online or traditional) during their events. Events such as conferences, symposiums, and trade shows often produce valuable stories for attendees.

To leverage these stories, we’ve compiled 5 PR tips for event organisers that will guide your event’s PR efforts:

1. Social Media

Consider social media as a powerful tool in your PR toolbox—it’s your multitool, so to speak. Social media offers the best way to engage with your attendees, delegates, visitors, and exhibitors, reaching all your stakeholders. With numerous stories emerging from your event, there are several ways to utilise them effectively. Consider the following bonus tips:

  • Stream live video of your event for free through platforms like IBM’S video streaming software or a dedicated YouTube channel. This can include keynote speakers and educational panels, extending your reach to those who couldn’t attend or are running late.
  • Create an official Flickr gallery for the event, or at the very least, establish a specific photo hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok. Encourage attendees to take photos during the event, perhaps even organising a selfie or photobomb competition.
  • Produce a daily podcast featuring speakers, sponsors, attendees, exhibitors, and panels. There’s a vast pool of people you can interview, and you can repurpose content by extracting quotes for sharing on your other social networks.
  • Easily share your speakers’ presentations on SlideShare.

2. Event-Based Daily Newspaper (Print or Digital)

This serves as a valuable resource for all your stakeholders to catch up on daily events. For large-scale events with numerous participants and stories, it provides a convenient summary in one place, including interviews, comment pieces, press releases, and stories. Additionally, you can utilise it to sell advertising space to exhibitors or sponsors.

Tip: Use Evvnt’s event syndication service to drive digital PR, and get your event listed on multiple sites and calendars based on category and location. 

3. Engage with Your Keynote Speaker

Keynote speakers are influential figures in your industry, making their engagement crucial. Connect with them before, during, and after the event to encourage discussions about your event within their network. Online influencers play a vital role in shaping people’s perceptions, and their endorsement can significantly impact your event’s image.

4. Real-Time Press Releases, Blogs, and Announcements

Capitalise on the news and opinions emerging from your event by promptly disseminating a few significant stories to bloggers and press on-site. This can generate substantial buzz. While these stories will naturally appear on social media first, a professionally crafted piece of content always carries more weight than a 140-character post.

5. Robust Contingency and Scenario Planning

While not an obvious tip, it’s essential to prepare for potential mishaps at your event, even if they’re unlikely to occur (we hope they won’t). PR disasters, exacerbated by social media, can be mitigated with a swift, decisive response. With press, bloggers, and influencers present, along with attendees using smartphones for live updates, having robust contingency and scenario plans in place is crucial. In the unlikely event that an issue arises, you can address it promptly, preserving the event’s reputation and potentially earning praise for your response.

This guest post was contributed by Adam Baggs, Managing Director of Soaring Worldwide, a Cotswold-based strategic communications agency offering PR, Branding, Digital, Social, Content, and Creative Marketing Services. Adam has over a decade of experience in PR, specializing in events and the MICE industry. 

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