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RSN ticketsWorking with RSN Tickets provided another extension of evvnt’s service with partners. Although evvnt can offer it’s platform as a white-label – fully branded to a partners specification – for customers to maintain a brand experience, the EventCube team wanted to go one step further and integrate evvnt’s detailed reporting into their RSN Tickets organiser pages.

With a little API magic we worked to offer the data presented to evvnt’s customers in their reporting through the API (more detail on our API documentation). RSN Tickets then got to work integrating this reporting data within their own platform for ticket sales and event promotion. In only a short amount of development time RSN Tickets were able to produce a seamless experience for their users, creating a platform that not only lists and sells tickets on their site but that can help them access a network of over 2000 publishers across the world.

This partnership offers another example of how evvnt can be combined with an existing events supplier to create a desirable listing product for organisers and revenue for the partner involved.

1) Event Submission

From within the RSN platform, event information is collected from the user for distribution to evvnt’s publisher network.  

2) Distribute
In just a few seconds the event is submitted to evvnt for distribution.
3) Reports

The customer, still within RSN’s platform, is then given access to detailed reporting that will organically update as the events are published, as attendee’s visit booking URLs and more visit Facebook pages.

A simple solution to reach an audience of 84m, all from the comfort of RSN Tickets!
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Request a Demo Promote an Event Partners