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Tech can be the difference at events. It can also be the difference when planning events. Whether it’s facilitating data collection at a conference, or having a microphone that you can throw around the room, small things can be the difference between an alright event and a great one.
To help you make your events that little bit better, Tech City News has profiled 4 of Britain’s best event tech startups from a recent TableCrowd dinner.

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Getting your events out there isn’t easy. There’s a veritable plethora of places that you can advertise with and listing with each one can be a labour intensive process. Launched by Richard Green in April 2012, evvnt do the legwork for you, distributing your event to a network of listing sites. They can add your events to as many as 90 sites and apps, from eventbrite and Facebook to local listings exactly where you need them. Within 24 hours of listing each event, you will receive a full online report, showing where your events are listed, how many people have seem them and how many clicks you’ve received. They are already used by Pizza Express, UBM, and the Financial Times so this is one startup to keep your eye on.

We all know the feeling. We enter a conference and realise we don’t know anything about anyone there. We don’t know who to talk to. automatically generates detail-rich profiles for each and every attendee. It’s impossible to talk to everyone at a conference, so helps you discover things about attendees so that you can make the most out of the event. Agendas, exhibitor profiles, event information, and branding can all be built in to improve the conference experience.
For organisers, raising audience engagement can mean increased attendance, greater positive referrals and a boost to your bottom line.


Pickevent is the world’s first professional events network that connects attendees, speakers and event organisers. Started by Jose Bart in February, it ensures that you never end up at an event that doesn’t interest you. It helps you find events worth attending based on your personal interests. And the networking doesn’t stop once the event is over – you can review the speakers and event organisers to inform the community about what works and what doesn’t. By creating a community, what we’re doing is making life easier for everyone. What Pickevent is really for is helping people, and it gets better every day. pickevent are one of the 12 startups featured in the current series of the Elevator Pitch, so make sure you keep an eye out for their rooftop pitch.


Pearlshare was born out of a thirst for amazing experiences and a frustration with how hard they were to find out about. The startup was co-founded by James O’Day and he believes that personal recommendations are the most powerful indicator of quality. People naturally seek them from people they know and trust. The idea is that review sites are useful for lots of situations, but sometimes we want a word of recommendation from people around us. Through the app, people can recommend bars, boutiques, and products among other things so that everyone in their close personal network knows exactly where to go when they are looking for a great recommendation.

This article originated from an event held by TableCrowd, where like-minded people can meet and network over a meal.

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