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Having intelligent insight into your delegates interests and requirements pre and post event has noticeable positive effects when measuring its success, this visibility helps tailor your message on an individual basis, creating bespoke pre event messaging and post event follow up.

Ensuring further success comes from having valuable insight into which marketing activities are most effective, especially when large budgets are involved, which could include hundreds of different mediums, be this online banners, ppc, affiliates, SEO, social media, printed, telemarketing or many others.

So the problem is how do you know which marketing activities are most successful and how do you tailor your events messaging so it caters on an individual level, or if your an exhibition organiser do you ensure your exhibitors are having the right attendees visit their stands, generating leads and want to sign up to your future exhibitions and events.

There is a simple way where you can gain real ROI from your marketing activities and the ammunition to create bespoke messaging, so what is it, you ask. It’s a simple but highly effective solution called IP Look Up technology, this allows you to see which businesses are looking at your website, giving you granular information on each page they look at and which documents they download, videos they watched and more.

Importantly for marketing ROI, which mediums they have come from, be this which website, keyword they used, ppc or email campaign, or even if you use QR codes in printed adverts, you can use UTM values to track which printed adverts a business has come to your website from.

‘WOW’ you say, but your website has thousands of visitors and how do you distinguish from who is a credible lead and who is a supplier or trying to sell to you? Some IP Look Up providers have functionality so you can set up triggered email notifications when a company hits a certain page, these alerts can go to individual account managers or even your exhibitors themselves for further analysis.

Additional functionality allows you to delve down deeper to find named contacts within the visiting business, their address, industry, location and more, this information can also be cross checked with your database, giving you full visibility and audit trails of areas your delegates are interested in pre event.

This insight allows you to contact those delegates before the event with the knowledge of what pages, interests (i.e. which exhibitor page they looked at) to be able to provide a really bespoke service and message, gaining unmatched ROI and attendee satisfaction from your events.

Post event marketing and sales follow up will also greatly benefit from the power of IP Look Up Technology by again having visibility of attendees and non attendees interests, which can then be used with a tailored sales message. This is only a quick insight into how this technology can greatly enhance the success of your events. From small to large budgets, IP Look Up Solutions vary in price and functionality so the market caters for all company sizes, we hope this helps gain the most out of your events programme and real ROI from your marketing efforts.

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