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Check out this useful twitter tools by Joanna Geary, Head of UK News Partnership at Twitter.

    1. Followerwonk: search Twitter bios and analyse your followers 
    2. DoesFollow: an easy way to see who follows who
    3. Tw Birthday: new user with no “date joined” on their profile? Find date of joining
    4. Trends 24: see the trending terms for the past 24 hours hour-by hour, country-by-country
    5. Bio is changed: be alerted when someone changes their Twitter bio (good for job moves)
    6. Wildfire: compare your follower growth against your competitors
    7. Buzzsumo: especially good to find influencers around a topic or account
    8. Tame.It: Find out what’s trending within your followers or within lists
    9. Nuzzel: find out what’s trending amongst the people who the people you follow follow!
    10. Trendsmap: good for monitoring local Twitter trends
    11. Swayy: analyse the topic interests of the people who follow you
    12. Rite Tag: get feedback on a hashtag’s reach (not tried this one, h/r )
    13. SocialBro: useful for additional analytics (like “time to tweet”)
    14. Like Explorer: see at-a-glance the number of shares of an article (h/t )
    15. Fuego: find out what links are popular amongst journalists (US-centric) and
    16. Riffle: a plug-in providing data visualizations about a Twitter user (h/t )
    17. Twipho: a Twitter picture feed searchable by keyword or location (h/t )
    18. Trendspottr: find out what’s trending around a topic or a list (h/t founder, )
    19. Bluenod: map and visualise the communities around a Twitter user or hashtag
    20. iTrended: find out if something trended in the last 15 days
    21. Seen: automatically collect and rank media around a hashtag
    22. ManageFlitter: allows you to schedule tweets for when your audience is most active
    23. Keyhole: for tracking mentions of keywords, hashtags and URLs
    24. The One Million Tweetmap: monitor geolocated tweets appearing in real-time across the world
    25. Sonar Solo: search any topic to find and visualise related trends and influencers in real time (h/t )
    26. Twitonomy: detailed analytics on Twitter users and their tweets (h/t )
    27. Twitterfall: a classic – display a search and/or list of tweets that update in real time
    28. My Top Tweet: find any user’s top ten tweets by engagement
    29. Tweet Be At: list managing power tool (h/t

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