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By Iva Nedelcheva

Staying up-to-date with trends, competition and challenges is a must in any industry but in events it’s more than mandatory. The constant search for information, inspiration and self-improvement brings together event professionals from around the world to a number of destinations (often across continents) year after year…

Why the variety of MICE Congresses, Summits, and Conventions is so great?

What makes all those busy professionals attend so many MICE business forums?

How each event differs from the one before/during/after?

The keyword is…Programme!

When we talk about programme it doesn’t imply just the agenda; it’s more about the concept, the goal and the overall sensation that each industry event brings to its attendees.

It’s known for a fact that attending a congress is the greatest way to keep up with the dynamics of the Event Industry. It gives professionals an occasion to learn and share experience, reach new audiences, boost their network and explore new opportunities. Besides the educational and networking windows, inspiration and added value to each attendee, it’s a chance to visit  new destinations and find like-minded peers. All the more so, a well-organized congress refreshes the mind, provokes creative thinking and elevates the satisfaction from a well done job. That being said, it’s important to know what a Premium Congress should embody.

  1. Adept Speakers –Global Event Industry experts are a key component for a Premium Congress. Their influence and practical knowledge alone will boost the minds even before they start talking. Skilled professionals are well aware of their image so the sole fact that they chose to contribute to that particular congress is a reason enough for you not to miss it.
  2. Advanced Topics – Event Industry changes at lightning speed. Meetings and Event Management depend on Event Marketing which depends on Event Technology that determines the general impact of every event. The complex correlation between these general aspects of the event industry are the focus of a Premium Congress.
  3. Power Networking – Professional get-togethers often result in long-lasting mutually-beneficial corporate relationships that enhance each party’s career and open new doors for business growth. When topics and speakers are at rock-bottom level, audience is up to standard. Yet another feature of a Premium Congress.
  4. Achievement Recognition – Great practices attract attention and draw inspiration. That’s why a Premium Congress always holds an Awards Gala.
  5. Festivity  – What are events without a special memorable party to celebrate the power, the achievements and the efforts applied to the work process. A Premium Congress is a weisure! We can certainly give examples of a Premium Congress but we’re more interested in your opinion, so feel free to share the must-visit list of event congresses on your current calendar!

About the author: Iva Nedelcheva is Event Director of Eventex Congress 2015: a 2-day annual event for international event professionals with a compelling programme, held each year in Sofia, Bulgaria. This year the congress will be held on February 25-26 2015. Registration is open at:


About Eventex Congress: Eventex Congress is a brand of Web and Events Ltd. Founded in 2009, it attracts event professionals from around the world to discuss current key trends and practical solutions in the Event Industry.

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