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So you’ve organised a seminar. The venue is amazing, the tickets have sold out. You have ticked off your high-level checklist. You’ve pulled together the key players in your field and you really want to make sure they get the very best out of the event.
How do you ensure that your audience take away all they could from your seminar? You want your participants to leave enriched, inspired, bursting with new ideas and full of beans with an even fatter contacts book right? Maybe your aim is to share new developments within the industry and to educate people on some new products. Whatever your agenda, you want to maximise impact. Here’s how:

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1. UNITE THE RIGHT PEOPLE – What is the point of a seminar pitched to the wrong crowd? evvnt is a marketing tool which enables seminar organisers to fill their seminars with the right people. evvnt gets your seminar listed on the right channels so the right people see it. It helps you to identify which publishers will be most suitable – however niche your field – allowing you to access the audience you want present. evvnt then delivers analytics which allow you to track ticket sales. Blanket marketing will be transformed into tailored, targeted, smart marketing – with full transparency on traffic, location and site reach.

2. CHOOSE CERTAIN SPEAKERS AND/OR CONTENT VIA CROWDSOURCING – Presenting the right ideas in the most appropriate way is of course key to a successful seminar. But how about allowing the audience to choose the content? Democratic selection of content empowers your audience and delivers content they are genuinely interested in. Opening up part of your event to the participants empowers them and can generate new directions and ideas. Event Tech Live used online voting to allow delegates to have control of the topics and speakers via crowdsourcing.

3. BREAK THE DIGITAL ICE PRE-EVENT – Once you have your guestlist in place, increase engagement by encouraging people to confirm attendance and connect digitally. Platforms like evolero create networking and community building tools which allow your audience to see who else is attending. Delegates can also plan their own seminar schedule via a ‘Dynamic Agenda’. This hands control back to the attendees and allows them to create powerful ‘Event Profiles’ which massively increases engagement.

4. ACTUALLY BREAK THE ICE BUT MAKE SURE IT’S ON THE RIGHT POND – Grouping people via subject or industry may be helpful. Rather than throwing your audience straight in perhaps provide a check-in where they can choose which group to join for a pre-event coffee or drink. Allow them to identify who they want to meet beforehand and consider what they want from the event; whether it’s to nurture existing relationships, make new contacts or learn about a new industry.

5. MAKE IT EASY FOR PEOPLE TO ASK QUESTIONS AND ADD IDEAS – At a typical average-sized seminar only 2-5% of the audience really get a chance to participate in the discussion. The rest is left unheard. So how to engage the audience and foster the learning? is an audience engagement platform where all participants can submit their questions and democratically upvote the ones they want to hear addressed by speakers. also allows event organisers to engage the audience with live polling and let everyone express their opinion without repercussions. Letting your attendees see their answer in context of other responses gives the learning a whole new dimension.

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