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This week we’re releasing 3 large changes to the public, including an exciting partnership with Eventbrite.


We’re working closely with our customers to build a marketing solution that encompasses the needs and requirements for quick & confident event marketing – it was clear Eventbrite was a great place to start for this. We have even bigger things planned for the future here, building the path from a marketing outset all the way to the eventual goal of ticket sales or event attendee’s.” Philip Lardi, Product Manager.

Full details of each of the changes below.


Our release of changes this week to the app sees us offer the first in a growing partnership of features between us and Eventbrite.

For many of our customers Eventbrite is one of the most valuable tools in the event marketing toolkit, offering a supreme ticketing platform. For our first stage of integration, we’re offering our users the ability to Import these events into our app, and submit their ticketing link our to our network of sites.

How will it work?
From our event submission form we are now introducing to users our partnership and providing a ‘Connect’ button to connect with an Eventbrite account.
Following the “Connect” button our app will direct you to the familiar Eventbrite login page, logging in will then require you to provide evvnt with some permissions for your account.
Once you’ve successfully connected you’ll be automatically returned to the app and presented with a simple toolbar offering the primary function to “Import event from Eventbrite”.
Clicking the “Import event from Eventbrite” button will present a page of all your Eventbrite events in one place, and the option to “Import” each one of them.
Clicking “Import” will return you to the form with a message confirming the successful import.
From here you’ll need to confirm the content we’ve taken from Eventbrite and submit it to us. We’ll handle the rest as usual.
Invite Team Members 

We’ve now included an ‘Invite Team Members’ feature that allows you to add collaborators to your Account.

A simple interface, accessible from the dropdown menu on your navigation bar, let’s you send invites to colleagues email address to signup and join your account.

Once an invite has been sent the recipient will need to confirm their email address and activate their account before submitting events and viewing reports alongside you!

“Call US” Checkout

A ‘Call Us’ button has been added to the package’s Checkout page. While we offer multiple packages inside the platform currently across 3 currencies, we appreciate sometimes its easier to speak to a human.
Clicking this button will submit a request to our Account Managers who will be back in touch shortly to assist you further.
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