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We are thrilled to announce today our latest integration with Eventbrite, designed to provide to event organisers and promoters new marketing tools designed for the success of their events. evvnt has established itself as the premier listing service to ensure all events receive the targeted marketing required for their success and by integrating with Eventbrite, evvnt users can directly connect ticketing to their marketing efforts, tracking tickets sales with marketing success, all from the same place.
To celebrate the launch evvnt are offering a free trial of their service, including the new Eventbrite ticketing features. Signing up at evvnt gives new users a free package to promote up to 10 events.
The integration launched today unites the key functions of both platforms:

  • Eventbrite’s tens of thousands of monthly organisers will gain integrated access to evvnt marketing and promotion with their events published to 40+ listings sites.
  • evvnt users will be able to create and manage their own event listings, and establish ticket for these events with Eventbrite, before marketing them to evvnt’s publishing network.

Through signing up with evvnt organisers can securely connect their Eventbrite account and import events to publish them to evvnt’s network of listing sites. Users without Eventbrite ticketing already set up can do so during the evvnt submission process. Once an event is submitted, evvnt distribute the Eventbrite ticketing link to a range of targeted event listing sites based on genre and location. There are additional options to upgrade the level of promotion for additional audience and impact.
Examples images below of the integrated features;
Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 14.24.32

Technical Notes:
Users will now be given the option during our event submission process, to additionally create an Eventbrite listing page, market the page to evvnt’s network and, ultimately, sell tickets. This is done via the same simple UI used to Import events from Eventbrite, as launched back in DecemberThe feature is currently being rolled out to all evvnt and Evenbrite customers, with support for evvnt’s partner network scheduled later in 2015.

From the event submission form in our app users will be asked to connect with an existing Eventbrite account or, if they don’t have one already, to create a new account.

Phil_02“We’re working closely with our clients to build a marketing solution that delivers on their need for quick and effective event marketing – it was clear Eventbrite was a great place to start for this. We have even bigger things planned for the future for evvnt, laying the success path from the marketing outset by integrating ticket sales and ultimately driving event attendees.” Philip Lardi, Product Manager at evvnt

Having been taken to Eventbrite to authenticate their account and evvnt’s use, once successfully connected two options will become available;

1. Import events. This allows existing Eventbrite events to be selected and the details imported to evvnt, for faster and more comprehensive submissions.

2. Enable ticketing. This pushes event details from evvnt to Eventbrite, creating a ticketing page and using the URL for submission to the evvnt publisher network.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 14.49.12

For users that connect and “enable ticketing” a draft Eventbrite page will be created, ready to sell tickets for the event. Users of the “import event” function will be able to select an existing event from their Eventbrite account to pull through and submit.

Once ticketing has been enabled users are required to provide additional information on their tickets being sold – primarily the quantity of tickets available. Tickets can additionally only be sold in one currency.

With the remaining event information provided and submitted, the app creates the Eventbrite ticketing page ready to distribute.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 15.16.20

The app collects the Eventbrite link and adds it as the primary event URL for submission, ready for broadcast to the publisher network. Additionally we overlay our click tracking service to provide direct analytics on traffic to ticketing pages from different publishers.

Once submitted and distributed, the report that we provide for every event will include a dedicated area to manage the ticketing pages.

This feature release creates a unique turnkey solution for event organisers, promoters and producers, combining the key elements of a premier ticketing and event marketing platform, and further outlines evvnt’s intentions to provide users with a platform to manage their event marketing journey.

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