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Why? Simply – Increased visibility and potential to make sales.

How you do know if it works? 

Well, it comes with a free analytics tool right out of the box so you can start measuring the results from day 1.

What should I pin? 

Most people start with a personal profile rather than for their business or brand, so it’s no surprise that 80% of all pins are repins. The way to stand out is to always pin original content.

Who uses it? 

The mindset of Pinterest users is that they are actively looking to discover products and services they want to buy, or to give them inspiration. They are engaged and eager to click, unlike Facebook or Twitter users who are there by force of habit or want to untag themselves looking insanely drunk at the work party. This is reflected in the fact that research shows Pinterest has much higher revenue-per-click for sales than Facebook and Twitter; the average sale is 4x more revenue than Twitter!

How can Pinterest deliver traffic to your website? 

The best pins work as a teaser to see the full content, whether it be a How-To guide (like this – hint hint!), or a seasonal offer. You can engineer a good call-to-action by placing text on images for teaser content, so the image is one you’re using for a blogpost, the text is the headline of the post. This will be more eye-catching than a nondescript image that could be missed on a board and most people won’t even read the caption. Don’t worry if you’re not up to speed with Photoshop, there’s plenty of free, easy-to-use photo editors online, like Canva, GiMP and  Photoscape.

What content works best? 

It’s become a bit of a cliché that this platform is mainly used by women interested in fashion, but what really resonates is useful information, like a tutorial or an infographic. The more visual your content the better (we’ll come to this again in a moment). If you’re stuck, you can use email marketing techniques like following seasonal trends; Halloween, Easter and Cinco de Mayo all work really well on Pinterest.

What’s the ultimate pin? 

Videos. Many people still don’t realise that you can pin videos, and they really stand out on a board of pins. The black and white ‘play’ symbol works like a big call-to-action. If your video is a teaser to a longer tutorial video or full-length content, then people can’t help but click.

Is your site ready for Pinterest? 

This is the million dollar question, but a good place to start is to edit the HTML meta tags of your blog or website for best displaying on Pinterest. This is where you can add or change the default icon for when your site is pinned on Pinterest. The guys at Pinterest helpfully tell you exactly how to do it here.

Can I market my event on Pinterest? 

evvnt does it for you! Sign up for a free account, submit your event once and let us promote it to the most relevant event listing sites in a click!

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