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Eventbrite integrates with evvnt to extend reach. Event marketing specialist evvnt joins forces with online ticketing platform Eventbrite to expand offering.

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A new union between London-based event marketing specialists evvnt and Eventbrite, the online self-service ticketing platform, will offer event organisers, promoters and producers a simple way to set up their own ticketing.

The integration between the two companies extends evvnt’s publishing reach to Eventbrite users, meaning planners can promote their events on listing sites globally.

“We believe this evvnt + Eventbrite integration will enable event organisers to better manage their events, provide greater insight and marketing effectiveness, leading to increased attendances and event revenues,” said Richard Green, CEO and founder of evvnt.

“This partnership will help Eventbrite organisers of all sizes to market their events directly from their event ticketing account via the evvnt online service and via the evvnt mobile app in Q2.”

The integration unites the key functions of both platforms, meaning Eventbrite’s tens of thousands of monthly organisers will gain integrated access to evvnt marketing and promotion, while evvnt users will be able to build and manage their own events, then direct their own event marketing and publishing strategies.

“We’re working closely with our clients to build a marketing solution that delivers on their need for quick and effective event marketing – it was clear Eventbrite was a great place to start for this,” added Philip Lardi, product manager at evvnt.

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