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Changes to the evvnt app – Revenue, Registrations, Attendees & Partnerships
In today’s release we are introducing two new features to the application, one for our users and another for our partners – how democratic! Let’s start with our users.

Eventbrite Revenue

We’re continuing to introduce new features from our partnership with Eventbrite, delivering greater accountability and ROI to our reporting.
Users that connect their Eventbrite account and use the ‘Enable Ticketing’ feature to create a listing & sell tickets on Eventbrite will now have access to the key revenue numbers with their evvnt report. Additionally, users of our Eventbrite Extension, which we featured back in our Eventbrite release will also gain access to these revenue metrics.
The results of publishing events content to our network of publishers is clearer than ever before – the tickets, attendees & revenue generated are now visible along with the click analytics that led to these sales.

Reseller Pages

Our network of partners continue to grow, and to help them introduce our partnerships to the users we can now combine to create effective marketing pages. These pages provide a quick mechanism for new users to discover the benefits of agile event marketing, and our supportive back-end will allow the monitor of impressions & signups for each of the pages.
Any partners interested in this can reach us via our usual channels, including at [email protected].
Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 11.08.32

Publisher API

We’ve also made vast improvements to our Publisher API. Our events data is now more accessible, hopefully giving potential publishers a much easier job in viewing & presenting our events data. Contact us at [email protected] to request access.
That concludes the key changes made to the evvnt app, for now. Along with a series of backend changes we continue to develop the platform, and will be back soon with more changes.

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