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Newham Recorder

Newham RecorderThe Newham Recorder was formed in 1968, three years after the county boroughs of East Ham and West Ham were brought together to form the London Borough of Newham.

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Quickly establishing itself as the main newspaper in the community it has acquired an unrivalled reputation for campaigning on behalf of its readers.
And through our newspaper, website and social media channels we offer unrivalled independent coverage of the borough.
Newham is unique in London in terms of its people, history and opportunities. It benefits from being a diverse, multi-cultural environment.
As Newham redefines itself as a viable and attractive business for hundreds of local companies it has also attracted the world’s attention as home to London 2012 and most notably the Olympic Stadium and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Coverage: Local / United Kingdom / Ilford
Unique users: 30,000 per month*
Local uniques: 100 per month*
Mobile App: No
Twitter: @NewhamRecorder
Sectors: All Events


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