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Firstly we want to thank Kathy Cohen, Content & Communities Manager at Zoliro who produced this excellent blog post on ‘Why you should use event listings sites’ as part of your event marketing strategy. Click here for the full article.
event listings

1. The benefits of listing your events:

  1. It’s Free and or AMAZINGLY COST EFFECTIVE compared to other types of media
  2. It’s audience is targeting.
  3. Listing submission index well in organic search… More

2. How to optimize your listing

  1. The listing title is CRITICAL – Make sure it’s compelling, informative and concise
  2. Content is KEY – Be descriptive and provide the public with great compelling content that shows them your event is not missing.
  3. Hashtags are essential – Make sure you use relevant unique hashtags – the hashtags you’d like your attendees/public to use when talking about the event on social media. More

3. So where is best to post your listing?

  • Best event listing sites are ALWAYS local, industry specific and targeted sites – it’s always the niche, small, personal sites who have good content or on the other hand the more established site like Lanyrd that have EXCEPTIONAL SEO and can offer great visibility to your listing through the large amount of traffic that comes to their site. More

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