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Colorado Community Media’s authority on the 24 local communities it serves is unparalleled. Their ability to make connections between community residents as well as the ability to connect businesses with the right resident buyers makes us the ideal Community Connector. As residents of the communities they serve, their philosophy is to operate responsibly and responsively both inside the company and in the community. In 2012, Colorado Community Media launched an all-new format across its community newspapers and online news media that won more than 95 editorial awards in Colorado.

Healthy communities need many things to survive. You, the advertiser, are paramount to a thriving economically engaged community. Without you, their local sports live solely to those watching it live instead of celebrated by the whole community. Without you, their residents look outside the community for the products and services that support their daily lives. Without you, they cannot cover the stories that protect and inform our communities, that touch their hearts, that get cutout and posted on refrigerators across the Denver metro area.

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Unique users: 6,000 per month*
Local uniques: 100 per month*
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