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KGNU is the independent, noncommercial, community radio station for Boulder, Denver and beyond. 

  • Independent.
    We are a mission-driven, nonprofit media outlet. We are not beholden to corporations or the government.
  • Non-commercial.
    We do not broadcast advertisements, and we do not accept underwriting from major corporations.
    Our bottom line is to provide real journalism and diverse music, not to maximize profits.
    The majority of our operating budget comes from you, the listener.
  • Community.
    We are community-powered. Volunteers produce, host, report, DJ, administer and govern the station. We broadcast 18-20 hours of locally produced programming per day. We provide hands-on training for volunteers.
    – We empower you to be the media. –
    KGNU broadcasts a diverse mix of music, news and information 24 hours a day.
    KGNU has six full-time staff-members and more than 230 volunteers who program and administer the station, on-air and off-air
    KGNU has provided alternative news and music radio programming to Boulder and beyond since May 22st 1978.

Coverage: Local / USA / Boulder
Unique users 20,000 per month*
Local uniques: 200 per month*
Mobile App: No
Twitter: @KGNU
Sectors: All Events

*Figures are estimates based on evvnt internal research


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