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The guide to ProjectLink event listing site

ProjectLink is one of Australia’s biggest online directories for the building, road, landscaping, mining, port and railway sectors. ProjectLink offers a wide variety of building products and equipment and connects you to suppliers relevant to your industry.

ProjectLink is relevant for architects, project managers, builders and buyers and can increase a company’s online presence. Searching ProjectLink, you will find a variety of landscape supplies, building products, safety products and equipment hire and supplies, each relevant to your industry.

ProjectLink is a dynamic search facility that allows you to search within your specific project. Here at ProjectLink, we can connect you with the right people in your project industry and direct you there.

Whether you’re after safety products, equipment hire and supplies, building products or landscape supplies, ProjectLink can show you what the seller has to offer via the direct site.

You can download PDF’s about the company or product and find more information on green products by browsing the environmental products portal. Buyers and sellers can read and update news articles for specific industries.

ProjectLink has a unique Advanced Searc option which enables you to search for a product based on the specific project. Search for building products, landscape supplies, safety products and equipment hire and supplies from the one location.
All products, suppliers and equipment listed in the product finder will be relevant to your particular industry. The results will enable you to send a request to multiple suppliers, rather than separate enquiries.
ProjectLink’s product finder will search for a number of suppliers and save you valuable time. Obtain product and supplier information.

Coverage: Local / United States
Unique users: 180,000 per month*
Local uniques: 1,800 per month*
Mobile App: No
Twitter: @projectlinkaus
Sectors: All Events Aspen is a world-class destination with outdoor adventures from skiing to biking, with a flair for arts and culture. 


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