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Digital pioneer evvnt is transforming the way that events are promoted across the world.
The simple but powerful software platform allows users to submit once, submit everywhere – instantaneously sharing their listing across more than 5,000+ media publishers. It’s the secret behind the success of events and conferences from market leaders including UBM, Financial Times, Terrapinn, Kenes, Marcus Evans, Legend Exhibitions, dmg::events, Incisive Media, Euro Money Seminars, Informa, Messe Frankfurt and many more.

Since its launch in 2012 evvnt is fast emerging as the number one choice for exhibition and conference organisers in more than 70 countries, and across all continents in the world. The low-cost system provides unparalleled customer reach, high-levels of satisfaction and an impressive ROI – it’s why it’s becoming an essential part of every event organisers’ marketing mix.
Recent successful exhibitions and conferences powered by evvnt include those from: Reed exhibitions, Clarion, UBM, Informa, Comexposium, dmg::events, Messe Frankfurt, Expo Centre Sharjah, Informa, IQPC, Financial Times, Incisive Media, The Conference Board, SMI, DIA, Terrapinn, Kenes, Marcus Evans, Legend Exhibitions, Incisive Media, Euro Money Seminars, DIA and SMI.
These are just some of the clients evvnt has helped. Over the last three years evvnt has created in excess of 1.1m listings to promote more than 34,000 events worldwide. It gets results too, with happy customers recording over 3m clicks to booking.
Instead of spending hours identifying suitable outlets and submitting multiple listings evvnt does all the hard work for you. Simply create your perfect listing, handpick your targeted audience and submit your event. It’s simple, quick and very effective.
As event organisers know – the more sites, the more visitors. evvnt enables users to share their listing across a network of 5,500+ media publishers, search engines, mobile, email, sms and social channels based on category and location, reaching millions of potential customers in minutes. It’s more than any other event management platform on the market.
Founder and CEO of evvnt Richard Green said: “We’re proud that evvnt is at the heart of successful events from such an impressive range of clients. It’s a testament to the strength and simplicity of our system. We work hard to ensure our customers can reach the best audience, maximizing the potential of their event and rewarding their hard work. Whether it’s an event, conference or training course, evvnt can help you reach millions of targeted customers in minutes.”
When the event listing is sent out, evvnt doesn’t stop working. The system provides the most comprehensive and impressive range of analytical information on the market, providing an instant snapshot of your campaign reach and measurement of the success of your campaign.
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About evvnt
evvnt enables people all over the world to fill their events utilising the most effective event listing sites on the web. Every minute, with little more than a click, more events and conferences appear in listings, in search engines and on mobile – discoverable by both category and location.
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